Highest Partnership in Test

Highest Partnership in Test

The Highest Partnership in Test is a record breaking feat and a remarkable achievement where two batsmen score the highest number of runs in a single innings during a Test match. 

Forming the Highest Partnership in test cricket requires not only individual brilliance but also a deep understanding and synchronization between the two batsmen. 

It demands patience, resilience, and the ability to adapt to different playing conditions.

Highest Partnership in Test | Top 10

Check out this comprehensive rundown of the top 10 highest partnerships in test cricket. Get ready to be amazed by the incredible batting performances that have etched their names in the record books!

10. Jacques Rudolph (222), Boeta Dippenaar (177) – 429 Runs Partnerships:

Jacques Rudolph (222), Boeta Dippenaar (177) - 429 Runs Partnerships against Bangladesh

Against: Bangladesh
Year: 24-Apr-03.

Jacques Rudolph and Boeta Dippenaar’s partnership of 429 runs for South Africa against Bangladesh in Chattogram remains one of the memorable moments in Test cricket.

Their partnership unfolded like a masterclass in batting brilliance. The scoreboard reflected their dominance, and each run scored was a testament to their skill, concentration, and synchronization at the crease. 

The Bangladeshi bowlers faced an uphill battle as the South African duo crafted a narrative of resilience and assertiveness.

Their monumental stand not only amassed a mountain of runs but also played a pivotal role in steering South Africa to a resounding victory by an innings and 60 runs.

9. Thilan Samaraweera (231), Mahela Jayawardene (240) – 437 Runs Partnerships:

Thilan Samaraweera (231), Mahela Jayawardene (240) - 437 Runs Partnerships against Pakistan

Against: Pakistan
Year: 21-Feb-09

Thilan Samaraweera and Mahela Jayawardene’s partnership of 437 runs in Karachi contributed significantly to a drawn match against Pakistan. 

The duo’s collective resilience and exceptional skill were showcased vividly on the cricketing canvas, shaping a match that was not just competitive but also a thrilling testament to the spirit of Test cricket.

8. Kumar Sangakkara (270), Marvan Atapattu (249) – 438 Runs Partnerships:

Against: Zimbabwe
Year: 14-May-04

Kumar Sangakkara and Marvan Atapattu combined forces to create a formidable partnership of 438 runs against Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.

Their batting prowess shone brightly. Sangakkara’s elegant strokeplay blended seamlessly with Atapattu’s unwavering resilience, creating a partnership that seemed impervious to the challenges posed by the Zimbabwean bowling attack. 

The boundaries flowed, and the scorecard echoed the harmony of their partnership, reflecting a perfect blend of skill, determination, and cricketing intelligence.

Their stellar performance contributed significantly to Sri Lanka’s victory by an innings and 254 runs.

7. Garry Sobers (365), Conrad Hunte (260) – 446 Runs Partnerships:

Against: Pakistan
Year: 26-Feb-58

West Indies saw a historic partnership of 446 runs between Garry Sobers and Conrad Hunte against Pakistan in Kingston. 

This cricketing spectacle unfolded as a testament to their outstanding collaboration and set the stage for a comprehensive victory by an innings and 174 runs, firmly underlining the West Indies’ undeniable dominance on the field.

6. Adam Voges (269), Shaun Marsh (182) – 449 Runs Partnerships:

Adam Voges (269), Shaun Marsh (182) - 449 Runs Partnerships against west indies

Against: West Indies
Year: 10-Dec-15

Australia witnessed a dominant partnership of 449 runs between Adam Voges and Shaun Marsh against the West Indies in Hobart.

This partnership played a pivotal role in Australia’s overwhelming victory by an innings and 212 runs. 

The partnership unfolded like a masterclass in batting, with Voges and Marsh complementing each other perfectly on the pitch. 

Their combined effort not only amassed a huge number of runs but also demonstrated the resilience and skill required in Test cricket. 

5. Mudassar Nazar (231), Javed Miandad (280) – 451 Runs Partnerships:

Against: India
Year: 14-Jan-83

In a Test match against India in Hyderabad (Sind), Mudassar Nazar and Javed Miandad’s partnership of 451 runs played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s resounding victory by an innings and 119 runs. 

Nazar and Miandad’s exceptional collaboration not only led to a significant victory but also highlighted the impressive strength of Pakistan’s batting skills.

4. Bill Ponsford (266), Don Bradman (244) – 451 Runs Partnerships:

Against: England
Year: 18-Aug-34

The legendary Australian duo of Bill Ponsford and Don Bradman crafted a memorable partnership of 451 runs against England at The Oval. 

This fantastic teamwork led Australia to a huge victory by 562 runs. It wasn’t just a win; it was a victory that left a lasting impression on the history of cricket. 

Ponsford and Bradman’s partnership showcased their dominance and skill, creating a memorable moment that will always be remembered in the world of cricket.

3. Andrew Jones (186), Martin Crowe (299) – 467 Runs Partnerships:

Against: Sri Lanka
Year: 31-Jan-91

Andrew Jones and Martin Crowe teamed up and made history by scoring a massive 467 runs together against Sri Lanka in Wellington. 

This incredible teamwork paved the way for a match that ended in a draw but was filled with a lot of runs. 

It showed just how tough and enduring playing Test cricket can be. Jones and Crowe’s partnership wasn’t just about scoring runs; it highlighted the determination and stamina needed to succeed in the longer version of the game.

2. Roshan Mahanama (225), Sanath Jayasuriya (340) – 576 Runs Partnerships:

Against: India
Year: 02-Aug-97

Roshan Mahanama and Sanath Jayasuriya orchestrated a monumental partnership of 576 runs against India in Colombo. 

Their amazing batting skills and determination were on full display, creating an exciting and competitive Test cricket match. 

This partnership showcased their ability to handle tough situations and highlighted the thrilling nature of Test cricket. 

It wasn’t just about the numbers; it was a masterclass in patience and technique, reminding everyone of the enduring charm of the longer format of the game. 

The match ended in a draw, but Mahanama and Jayasuriya’s partnership left a lasting impression on cricket fans worldwide.

1. Kumar Sangakkara (287), Mahela Jayawardene (374) – 624 Runs Partnerships:

Kumar Sangakkara (287), Mahela Jayawardene (374) - 624 Runs Partnerships against south africa

Against: South Africa
Year: 27-Jul-06

Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene made cricket history with a phenomenal partnership of 624 runs in a Test match against South Africa in Colombo and it is also the highest partnership in test.

This incredible collaboration played a crucial role in Sri Lanka’s resounding victory by an innings and 153 runs. 

Their outstanding teamwork set a new benchmark for Test cricket partnerships, showcasing not only their individual brilliance but also the incredible potential that strong partnerships can unleash in the longest format of the game.

List of All the Highest Partnerships in Test Cricket History

Sr. No.PartnersRunsWktTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
1Kumar Sangakkara (287), Mahela Jayawardene (374)6243rdSri Lankav South AfricaColombo (SSC)27-Jul-06
2Roshan Mahanama (225), Sanath Jayasuriya (340)5762ndSri Lankav IndiaColombo (RPS)2-Aug-97
3Andrew Jones (186), Martin Crowe (299)4673rdNew Zealandv Sri LankaWellington31-Jan-91
4Bill Ponsford (266), Don Bradman (244)4512ndAustraliav EnglandThe Oval18-Aug-34
5Mudassar Nazar (231), Javed Miandad (280)4513rdPakistanv IndiaHyderabad (Sind)14-Jan-83
6Adam Voges (269), Shaun Marsh (182)4494thAustraliav West IndiesHobart10-Dec-15
7Garry Sobers (365), Conrad Hunte (260)4462ndWest Indiesv PakistanKingston26-Feb-58
8Kumar Sangakkara (270), Marvan Atapattu (249)4382ndSri Lankav ZimbabweBulawayo14-May-04
9Thilhan Samaraweera (231), Mahela Jayawardene (240)4374thSri Lankav PakistanKarachi21-Feb-09
10Jacques Rudolph (222), Boeta Dippenaar(177)429*3rdSouth Africav BangladeshChattogram24-Apr-03
11Graeme Smith, Neil McKenzie4151stSouth Africav BangladeshChattogram29-Feb-08
12P Roy, MH Mankad4131stIndiav New ZealandChennai6-Jan-56
13PBH May, MC Cowdrey4114thEnglandv West IndiesBirmingham30-May-57
14V Sehwag, R Dravid4101stIndiav PakistanLahore13-Jan-06
15DG Bradman, SG Barnes4055thAustraliav EnglandSydney13-Dec-46
16FMM Worrell, GS Sobers3994thWest Indiesv EnglandBridgetown6-Jan-60
17BA Stokes, JM Bairstow3996thEnglandv South AfricaCape Town2-Jan-16
18Qasim Umar, Javed Miandad3973rdPakistanv Sri LankaFaisalabad16-Oct-85
19WH Ponsford, DG Bradman3884thAustraliav EnglandLeeds20-Jul-34
20GM Turner, TW Jarvis3871stNew Zealandv West IndiesGeorgetown6-Apr-72
21RT Ponting, MJ Clarke3864thAustraliav IndiaAdelaide24-Jan-12
22SR Waugh, GS Blewett3855thAustraliav South AfricaJohannesburg28-Feb-97
23M Leyland, L Hutton3822ndEnglandv AustraliaThe Oval20-Aug-38
24RB Simpson, WM Lawry3821stAustraliav West IndiesBridgetown5-May-65
25JH Kallis, HM Amla377*3rdSouth Africav EnglandThe Oval19-Jul-12
26VVS Laxman, R Dravid3765thIndiav AustraliaEden Gardens11-Mar-01
27WJ Edrich, DCS Compton3703rdEnglandv South AfricaLord's21-Jun-47
28M Vijay, CA Pujara3702ndIndiav AustraliaHyderabad2-Mar-13
29JH Edrich, KF Barrington3692ndEnglandv New ZealandLeeds8-Jul-65
30KS Williamson, HM Nicholls3694thNew Zealandv PakistanChristchurch3-Jan-21
31GC Smith, HH Gibbs3681stSouth Africav PakistanCape Town2-Jan-03
32KS Williamson, BJ Watling365*6thNew Zealandv Sri LankaWellington3-Jan-15
33AM Rahane, V Kohli3654thIndiav New ZealandIndore8-Oct-16
34Younis Khan, Mohammad Yousuf3633rdPakistanv EnglandLeeds4-Aug-06
35KS Williamson, HM Nicholls3633rdNew Zealandv Sri LankaWellington17-Mar-23
36DA Warner, M Labuschagne3612ndAustraliav PakistanAdelaide29-Nov-19
37C Washbrook, L Hutton3591stEnglandv South AfricaJohannesburg27-Dec-48
38Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim3595thBangladeshv New ZealandWellington12-Jan-17
39Z Crawley, JC Buttler3595thEnglandv PakistanSouthampton21-Aug-20
40SR Tendulkar, VVS Laxman3534thIndiav AustraliaSydney2-Jan-04
41Inzamam-ul-Haq, Ijaz Ahmed352*3rdPakistanv Sri LankaDhaka12-Mar-99
42RT Ponting, MJ Clarke3524thAustraliav PakistanHobart14-Jan-10
43BJ Watling, BB McCullum3526thNew Zealandv IndiaWellington14-Feb-14
44DI Gower, GA Gooch3512ndEnglandv AustraliaThe Oval29-Aug-85
45HAPW Jayawardene, DPMD Jayawardene3516thSri Lankav IndiaAhmedabad16-Nov-09
46Mushtaq Mohammad, Asif Iqbal3504thPakistanv New ZealandDunedin7-Feb-73
47KP Pietersen, IR Bell3503rdEnglandv IndiaThe Oval18-Aug-11
48CC Depeiaza, DS Atkinson3477thWest Indiesv AustraliaBridgetown14-May-55
49JHW Fingleton, DG Bradman3466thAustraliav EnglandMelbourne1-Jan-37
50FDM Karunaratne, DM de Silva3454thSri Lankav BangladeshPallekele21-Apr-21
51DB Vengsarkar, SM Gavaskar344*2ndIndiav West IndiesEden Gardens29-Dec-78
52RG Pollock, EJ Barlow3413rdSouth Africav AustraliaAdelaide24-Jan-64
53JH Kallis, HM Amla3403rdSouth Africav IndiaNagpur6-Feb-10
54BB McCullum, MJ Guptill3396thNew Zealandv BangladeshHamilton15-Feb-10
55FMM Worrell, ED Weekes3383rdWest Indiesv EnglandPort of Spain17-Mar-54
56GC Smith, HH Gibbs3381stSouth Africav EnglandBirmingham24-Jul-03
57GC Smith, AB de Villiers3385thSouth Africav PakistanDubai (DSC)23-Oct-13
58KD Walters, WM Lawry3364thAustraliav West IndiesSydney14-Feb-69
59SR Tendulkar, V Sehwag3363rdIndiav PakistanMultan28-Mar-04
60T Chanderpaul, KC Brathwaite3361stWest Indiesv ZimbabweBulawayo4-Feb-23
61ST Jayasuriya, MS Atapattu3351stSri Lankav PakistanKandy28-Jun-00
62MEK Hussey, MJ Clarke334*5thAustraliav IndiaSydney3-Jan-12
63SR Waugh, AR Border332*5thAustraliav EnglandLeeds22-Jul-93
64IJL Trott, SCJ Broad3328thEnglandv PakistanLord's26-Aug-10
65RT Robinson, DI Gower3312ndEnglandv AustraliaBirmingham15-Aug-85
66RR Sarwan, CH Gayle3312ndWest Indiesv South AfricaSt John's29-Apr-05
67JH Kallis, HM Amla3303rdSouth Africav New ZealandJohannesburg8-Nov-07
68IJL Trott, AN Cook329*2ndEnglandv AustraliaBrisbane25-Nov-10
69MA Taylor, GR Marsh3291stAustraliav EnglandNottingham10-Aug-89
70RT Ponting, JL Langer3275thAustraliav PakistanPerth26-Nov-99
71MN Samuels, DM Bravo3263rdWest Indiesv BangladeshKhulna21-Nov-12
72Younis Khan, Inzamam-ul-Haq3243rdPakistanv IndiaBengaluru24-Mar-05
73W Rhodes, JB Hobbs3231stEnglandv AustraliaMelbourne9-Feb-12
74Inzamam-ul-Haq, Aamer Sohail3233rdPakistanv West IndiesRawalpindi29-Nov-97
75Saleem Malik, Javed Miandad3224thPakistanv EnglandBirmingham4-Jun-92
76BC Lara, JC Adams3225thWest Indiesv AustraliaKingston13-Mar-99
77MEK Hussey, JN Gillespie3204thAustraliav BangladeshChattogram16-Apr-06
78AD Nourse, A Melville3193rdSouth Africav EnglandNottingham7-Jun-47
79Younis Khan, Mohammad Yousuf3193rdPakistanv IndiaLahore13-Jan-06
80DR Martyn, AC Gilchrist3176thAustraliav South AfricaJohannesburg22-Feb-02
81RG Sharma, MA Agarwal3171stIndiav South AfricaVisakhapatnam2-Oct-19
82Yashpal Sharma, GR Viswanath3163rdIndiav EnglandChennai13-Jan-82
83JH Kallis, HH Gibbs315*2ndSouth Africav New ZealandChristchurch11-Mar-99
84RT Ponting, DS Lehmann3153rdAustraliav West IndiesPort of Spain19-Apr-03
85G Gambhir, R Dravid3142ndIndiav EnglandMohali19-Dec-08
86Wasim Akram, Saqlain Mushtaq3138thPakistanv ZimbabweSheikhupura17-Oct-96
87Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes3121stBangladeshv PakistanKhulna28-Apr-15
88KC Sangakkara, DPMD Jayawardene3113rdSri Lankav BangladeshKandy11-Jul-07
89KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood3104thEnglandv AustraliaAdelaide1-Dec-06
90Waqar Hasan, Imtiaz Ahmed3087thPakistanv New ZealandLahore26-Oct-55
91RB Richardson, IVA Richards3083rdWest Indiesv AustraliaSt John's7-Apr-84
92AJ Lamb, GA Gooch3083rdEnglandv IndiaLord's26-Jul-90
93M Vijay, SR Tendulkar3083rdIndiav AustraliaBengaluru9-Oct-10
94AB de Villiers, HM Amla3084thSouth Africav West IndiesCenturion17-Dec-14
95BKG Mendis, DM de Silva3082ndSri Lankav BangladeshChattogram31-Jan-18
96TM Head, JA Burns3084thAustraliav Sri LankaCanberra1-Feb-19
97MEK Hussey, BJ Haddin3076thAustraliav EnglandBrisbane25-Nov-10
98Hashmatullah Shahidi, Asghar Afghan3074thAfghanistanv ZimbabweAbu Dhabi10-Mar-21
99IVA Richards, AI Kallicharran3033rdWest Indiesv EnglandNottingham3-Jun-76
100RA Smith, MA Atherton3033rdEnglandv West IndiesSt John's16-Apr-94

Data Source ESPN Cricinfo

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