Highest 5th Wicket Partnership in Test

Highest 5th Wicket Partnership in Test

The highest 5th wicket partnership in test refers to the record breaking achievement of two batsmen who have scored the highest number of runs together for the fifth wicket in a single innings. 

This record is significant as it showcases the resilience and skill of the batsmen who managed to build a strong partnership even after the team has lost four wickets.

How to Form a Highest 5th Wicket Partnership in Test

Solid Batting Technique:

Both batsmen should have a solid and reliable batting technique. This includes a good defensive technique to handle challenging deliveries and an array of shots to capitalize on scoring opportunities.

Communication and Understanding:

Effective communication between the batsmen is crucial. Understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Clear communication helps in avoiding misunderstandings, ensures proper shot selection, and helps in running between the wickets.

Adapt to Conditions:

Assess the playing conditions, pitch, and weather. Adapt your game accordingly. In challenging conditions, a more cautious approach might be necessary, while on a batting-friendly pitch, batsmen can be more expansive.

Patience and Selective Aggression:

Test cricket demands patience. Batsmen should be prepared to face challenging periods without taking unnecessary risks. However, there are times when selective aggression is required to capitalize on loose deliveries and scoring opportunities.

Shot Selection:

Choose shots wisely based on the merit of the ball. Avoid unnecessary risks, especially early in the partnership. Focus on playing the ball on its merits and wait for scoring opportunities.

Rotate Strike:

Keep the scoreboard ticking by rotating the strike. Singles and twos not only add runs but also help in breaking the rhythm of the bowlers. This can relieve pressure and create scoring opportunities.

Individual Roles:

To make strong partnerships, each batsman should understand their role in the partnership. One might play a more defensive role, holding an end, while the other takes on a more aggressive role. Roles can switch based on form and situation.

Build a Platform:

Initially, focus on building a solid platform. Consolidate the innings, and as the partnership grows, gradually look to score more freely.

Team Situation:

Understand the team situation and play accordingly. If the team is in a strong position, consolidating the advantage is crucial. If the team is under pressure, the partnership might need to be more proactive in scoring.

Fitness and Endurance:

Test matches can be physically demanding. Ensure both batsmen are physically fit and have the endurance to bat for extended periods.

Highest 5th Wicket Partnership in Test | Top 10

10. Brian Lara, Jimmy Adams – 322  Runs Partnership:

Brian Lara, Jimmy Adams - 322  Runs Partnership against australia

In Kingston on March 13, 1999, Brian Lara and Jimmy Adams combined forces for West Indies against Australia. Australia posted scores of 256 and 177, while West Indies chased down the target of 3/0, securing a convincing 10-wicket victory. 

This partnership showcased the batting prowess of Lara and Adams, contributing to a memorable West Indies win.

9. Justin Langer, Ricky Ponting – 327 Runs Partnership:

Justin Langer, Ricky Ponting - 327 Runs Partnership against Pakistan

At Perth on November 26, 1999, Justin Langer and Ricky Ponting’s partnership contributed significantly to Australia’s innings victory against Pakistan. 

Pakistan posted scores of 155 and 276, while Australia declared at 451, securing a win by an innings and 20 runs.

8. Allan Border, Steve Waugh – 332 Runs* Partnership:

Allan Border, Steve Waugh - 332 Runs* Partnership against england

In a Test match at Leeds on July 22, 1993, Allan Border and Steve Waugh’s unbroken 332-run partnership for Australia against England was instrumental in their comprehensive victory. 

Australia declared at 653/4, and England, following on, managed scores of 200 and 305. The match concluded with Australia winning by an innings and 148 runs.

7. Michael Clarke, Michael Hussey – 334 Runs* Partnership:

Michael Clarke, Michael Hussey - 334 Runs* Partnership against India

At Sydney on January 3, 2012, Michael Clarke and Michael Hussey’s unbeaten 334-run partnership for Australia against India played a crucial role in their team’s victory. 

India posted scores of 191 and 400, while Australia declared at 659/4. The match ended with Australia winning by an innings and 68 runs.

6. Graeme Smith, AB de Villiers – 338 Runs Partnership:

Graeme Smith, AB de Villiers - 338 Runs Partnership againt Pakistan

In a Test match against Pakistan at Dubai (DSC) on October 23, 2013, Graeme Smith and AB de Villiers played pivotal roles for South Africa. 

Pakistan struggled, posting scores of 99 and 326. In response, South Africa declared at 517, securing an emphatic victory by an innings and 92 runs.

5. Zak Crawley, Jos Buttler – 359 Runs Partnership:

Zak Crawley, Jos Buttler - 359 Runs Partnership against Pakistan

The partnership between Zak Crawley and Jos Buttler for England against Pakistan at Southampton on August 21, 2020, resulted in a drawn match. 

England declared at 583/8, and Pakistan, following on, managed scores of 273 and 187/4. 

The resilience displayed by Pakistan in the second innings denied England a win, emphasizing the significance of partnerships in saving matches.

4. Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim – 359 Runs Partnership:

Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim - 359 Runs Partnership against New Zealand

In a Test match against New Zealand at Wellington on January 12, 2017, Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim put up a valiant effort for Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh declared at 595/8 and 160. New Zealand, however, emerged victorious by 7 wickets, chasing the target of 217/3. 

Despite the loss, Shakib and Rahim’s partnership showcased Bangladesh’s growing competitiveness in Test cricket.

3. VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid – 376 Runs Partnership:

VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid - 376 Runs Partnership against Australia

At Eden Gardens on March 11, 2001, VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid orchestrated one of the most iconic comebacks in Test cricket for India against Australia. 

After Australia set a challenging target with scores of 445 and 212, India faced follow-on at 171. 

However, Laxman and Dravid’s stellar partnership, contributing to a total of 657/7 declared, turned the tide. 

India ultimately won the match by 171 runs, marking it as one of the greatest Test victories.

2. Steve Waugh, Greg Blewett – 385 Runs Partnership:

On February 28, 1997, at Johannesburg, Steve Waugh and Greg Blewett etched their names in cricket history with a remarkable 385-run partnership for Australia against South Africa. 

The South African team struggled, posting scores of 302 and 130. In contrast, Australia declared at a commanding 628/8. 

The match ended with Australia winning by an innings and 196 runs, a testament to the batting prowess displayed by Waugh and Blewett.

1. Sid Barnes, Don Bradman – 405 Runs Partnership:

In a historic encounter at Sydney on December 13, 1946, Sid Barnes and Don Bradman orchestrated a phenomenal 405-run partnership for Australia against England. 

The English team, batting first, managed scores of 255 and 371. In response, Australia dominated with a colossal 659/8 declared. 

The match concluded with Australia securing a resounding victory by an innings and 33 runs, underlining the sheer dominance of Barnes and Bradman in that memorable Test.

List of All the Highest 5th Wicket Partnerships in Test Cricket History

Sr. No.PartnersRunsTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
1Sid Barnes, Don Bradman405Australiav EnglandSydney13-Dec-46
2Steve Waugh, Greg Blewett385Australiav South AfricaJohannesburg28-Feb-97
3VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid376Indiav AustraliaEden Gardens11-Mar-01
4Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim359Bangladeshv New ZealandWellington12-Jan-17
5Zak Crawley, Jos Buttler359Englandv PakistanSouthampton21-Aug-20
6Graeme Smith, AB de Villiers338South Africav PakistanDubai (DSC)23-Oct-13
7Michael Clarke, Michael Hussey334*Australiav IndiaSydney3-Jan-12
8Allan Border, Steve Waugh332*Australiav EnglandLeeds22-Jul-93
9Justin Langer, Ricky Ponting327Australiav PakistanPerth26-Nov-99
10Brian Lara, Jimmy Adams322West Indiesv AustraliaKingston13-Mar-99
11Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman303Indiav AustraliaAdelaide12-Dec-03
12SPD Smith, MR Marsh301Australiav EnglandPerth14-Dec-17
13SC Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh300Indiav PakistanBengaluru8-Dec-07
14S Chanderpaul, D Ramdin296*West Indiesv BangladeshMirpur13-Nov-12
15CL Hooper, S Chanderpaul293West Indiesv IndiaGeorgetown11-Apr-02
16Javed Miandad, Asif Iqbal281Pakistanv New ZealandLahore9-Oct-76
17SR Waugh, RT Ponting281Australiav West IndiesBridgetown26-Mar-99
18TT Samaraweera, TM Dilshan280Sri Lankav BangladeshColombo (PSS)20-Sep-05
19MW Goodwin, A Flower277*Zimbabwev PakistanBulawayo14-Mar-98
20MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey272Australiav South AfricaAdelaide22-Nov-12
21MTG Elliott, RT Ponting268Australiav EnglandLeeds24-Jul-97
22JH Kallis, AG Prince267South Africav West IndiesSt John's29-Apr-05
23Mohammad Ashraful, Mushfiqur Rahim267Bangladeshv Sri LankaGalle8-Mar-13
24SM Nurse, GS Sobers265West Indiesv EnglandLeeds4-Aug-66
25RR Sarwan, S Chanderpaul262*West Indiesv BangladeshKingston4-Jun-04
26Younis Khan, Asad Shafiq259Pakistanv BangladeshChattogram9-Dec-11
27Saleem Malik, Inzamam-ul-Haq258Pakistanv New ZealandWellington17-Feb-94
28JH Kallis, AB de Villiers256South Africav IndiaAhmedabad3-Apr-08
29SR Tendulkar, SK Raina256Indiav Sri LankaColombo (SSC)26-Jul-10
30KWR Fletcher, AW Greig254Englandv IndiaBrabourne6-Feb-73
31MJ Clarke, MJ North253Australiav New ZealandWellington19-Mar-10
32Shoaib Malik, Asad Shafiq248Pakistanv EnglandAbu Dhabi13-Oct-15
33WR Hammond, LEG Ames242Englandv New ZealandChristchurch24-Mar-33
34SR Waugh, RT Ponting239Australiav IndiaAdelaide10-Dec-99
35DCS Compton, NWD Yardley237Englandv South AfricaNottingham7-Jun-47
36DJ Malan, JM Bairstow237Englandv AustraliaPerth14-Dec-17
37DJ Mitchell, TA Blundell236New Zealandv EnglandNottingham10-Jun-22
38Soumya Sarkar, Mahmudullah235Bangladeshv New ZealandHamilton28-Feb-19
39PA de Silva, ST Jayasuriya234Sri Lankav BangladeshColombo (PSS)21-Jul-02
40S Chanderpaul, BP Nash234West Indiesv EnglandPort of Spain6-Mar-09
41GW Flower, GJ Whittall233*Zimbabwev PakistanHarare31-Jan-95
42SE Marsh, SPD Smith233Australiav South AfricaCenturion12-Feb-14
43MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey228Australiav South AfricaBrisbane9-Nov-12
44V Kohli, RA Jadeja225Indiav South AfricaPune10-Oct-19
45AR Morris, DG Bradman223*Australiav IndiaMelbourne1-Jan-48
46NJ Astle, CD McMillan222New Zealandv ZimbabweWellington26-Dec-00
47KR Miller, RG Archer220Australiav West IndiesKingston11-Jun-55
48SR Tendulkar, V Sehwag220Indiav South AfricaBloemfontein3-Nov-01
49ED Weekes, BH Pairaudeau219West Indiesv IndiaPort of Spain21-Jan-53
50RB Simpson, BC Booth219Australiav EnglandManchester23-Jul-64
51BC Lara, S Chanderpaul219West Indiesv EnglandSt John's16-Apr-94
52PD Collingwood, EJG Morgan219Englandv PakistanNottingham29-Jul-10
53Younis Khan, Asad Shafiq219Pakistanv South AfricaCape Town14-Feb-13
54PD Collingwood, MJ Prior218Englandv West IndiesPort of Spain6-Mar-09
55AR Border, GM Ritchie216Australiav EnglandLord's27-Jun-85
56CL Hooper, S Chanderpaul215West Indiesv IndiaBridgetown2-May-02
57M Azharuddin, RJ Shastri214Indiav EnglandEden Gardens31-Dec-84
58SR Tendulkar, VVS Laxman214Indiav West IndiesEden Gardens30-Oct-02
59Zaheer Abbas, Mudassar Nazar213Pakistanv IndiaKarachi23-Dec-82
60GM Ritchie, GRJ Matthews213Australiav New ZealandWellington21-Feb-86
61AG Prince, HH Gibbs213South Africav PakistanCenturion11-Jan-07
62AG Prince, AB de Villiers212South Africav EnglandLeeds18-Jul-08
63KS Williamson, HM Nicholls212New Zealandv PakistanAbu Dhabi3-Dec-18
64RB Kanhai, MLC Foster210West Indiesv AustraliaKingston16-Feb-73
65DL Amiss, AW Greig210Englandv New ZealandNottingham7-Jun-73
66AR Border, SR Waugh208Australiav South AfricaAdelaide28-Jan-94
67UT Khawaja, C Green208Australiav IndiaAhmedabad9-Mar-23
68TT Samaraweera, TM Dilshan207Sri Lankav PakistanLahore1-Mar-09
69Azhar Ali, Asad Shafiq207Pakistanv BangladeshMirpur6-May-15
70E Paynter, DCS Compton206Englandv AustraliaNottingham10-Jun-38
71Mushfiqur Rahim, Litton Das206Bangladeshv PakistanChattogram26-Nov-21
72F du Plessis, AB de Villiers205South Africav IndiaJohannesburg18-Dec-13
73SM Gavaskar, BP Patel204Indiav West IndiesPort of Spain24-Mar-76
74ME Waugh, AR Border204Australiav West IndiesMelbourne26-Dec-92
75HDRL Thirimanne, LD Chandimal203*Sri Lankav BangladeshGalle8-Mar-13
76BA Stokes, OJ Pope203Englandv South AfricaGqeberha16-Jan-20
77MH Denness, AW Greig202Englandv IndiaLord's20-Jun-74
78SR Tendulkar, M Azharuddin202Indiav West IndiesNagpur1-Dec-94
79SM Patil, RJ Shastri200Indiav PakistanFaisalabad24-Oct-84
80GM Wood, SR Waugh200Australiav West IndiesPerth2-Dec-88
81BC Lara, DJ Bravo200West Indiesv PakistanMultan19-Nov-06

Data Source: ESPN Cricinfo

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