Titans of Indian Cricket: Virat Kohli Vs Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Comparison

Virat Kohli Vs Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Comparison

Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar are two names synonymous with batting brilliance and cricketing legends in their own right. 

Comparing their achievements is akin to comparing apples and oranges – both delicious fruits, but with distinct profiles.

Both these batting maestros have left an indelible mark with their extraordinary skills and numerous centuries.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar’s centuries, exploring their centuries records in all formats.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Century Milestone: How Many Centuries Of Sachin Tendulkar In All Format?

How Many Centuries Of Sachin Tendulkar In All Format?

Sachin Tendulkar holds the remarkable record of the most international centuries. Sachin made 100 centuries across all formats. 

This achievement, spanning a glittering 24-year career, reflects Tendulkar’s exceptional skill, adaptability, and mental fortitude. 

Each century tells a unique tale of resilience, mastery, and contribution to Indian cricket. Beyond the statistics, Tendulkar’s centuries are a symbol of cricketing excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the sport’s history and inspiring fans worldwide.

How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In All Format?

How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In All Format?

Virat Kohli, the modern-day batting phenomenon, has amassed an impressive 80 centuries so far, with the potential to rewrite record books in the years to come.

While Tendulkar’s longevity, spanning over two decades, allowed him to accumulate more centuries, Kohli’s conversion rate is remarkable.

He averages a century every 7.175 innings compared to Tendulkar’s 7.82. This rapid-fire approach makes Kohli a force to be reckoned with, suggesting a potentially shorter but equally impactful career trajectory.

How Many Centuries of Sachin Tendulkar In Test Cricket? A Glance at the Master’s Milestones.

How Many Centuries of Sachin Tendulkar In Test Cricket?

Test cricket has been the stage where Sachin Tendulkar showcased his unparalleled skill and unwavering temperament. 

Within this challenging format, Tendulkar established himself as a true maestro, leaving an indelible mark with his extraordinary achievements. 

The cricketing world witnessed Tendulkar’s supremacy as he notched an impressive 51 Test centuries, a testament to his enduring greatness and dominance in the longest format of the game. 

His 51 centuries are not just a statistical feat but a saga of resilience, focus, and an insatiable hunger for runs that defined his illustrious career.

How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In Test Cricket? Unraveling the Master Batsman’s Centuries.

How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In Test Cricket?

Virat Kohli has been carving his own path in the challenging landscape of Test cricket. While Sachin Tendulkar stands as the undisputed king with 51 Test centuries, Kohli is not far behind, having etched his name with authority by accumulating an impressive 29 Test tons.

In the evolving narrative of Test cricket, Kohli’s journey reflects a seamless blend of classical technique and contemporary flair. 

His approach to the game is marked by a meticulous understanding of the format’s demands, and his ability to adapt to varying conditions and oppositions is evident in his growing century count.

Each of Kohli’s 29 Test centuries is a testament to his unwavering focus, mental fortitude, and hunger for excellence.

Whether facing the swing and seam movement in challenging English conditions, the spin-friendly tracks of the Indian subcontinent, or the pace-friendly wickets abroad, Kohli’s versatility as a batsman has shone through.

Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI Century Legacy: How Many Centuries of Sachin Tendulkar In ODI Cricket?

How Many Centuries of Sachin Tendulkar In ODI Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar left an indelible mark in the world of One Day International (ODI) cricket. His unparalleled skill and insatiable hunger for runs led to the remarkable achievement of scoring 49 centuries in this limited-overs format.

In the fast-paced and dynamic arena of ODI cricket, Tendulkar’s ability to adapt to various situations and oppositions set him apart as a batting maestro. 

The 49 centuries stand as a testament to his consistency, endurance, and match-winning prowess. 

Each century represented not just a personal milestone for Tendulkar but also a crucial contribution to the success of the Indian cricket team.

Tendulkar’s ODI centuries were a blend of elegance, power, and precision. From his debut in 1989 to his farewell in 2012, he entertained cricket enthusiasts with memorable innings that spanned different eras of the ODI game.

Kohli’s Hundred Hunt: How Many ODI Centuries of Virat Kohli?

How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In ODI Cricket?

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of limited-overs cricket, Kohli’s ability to consistently convert starts into centuries has set him apart as one of the greatest ODI batsmen of all time. Virat Kohli has scored 50 centuries in ODI cricket.

These 50 centuries represent a remarkable journey of skill, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Kohli’s prolific run-scoring ability has not only thrilled cricket enthusiasts around the globe but has also played a pivotal role in shaping India’s success in ODIs over the years.

Whether chasing daunting targets or setting up challenging totals, Kohli’s centuries have often been the cornerstone of India’s victories, earning him the reputation of a reliable and match-winning batsman.

How Many Centuries of Sachin Tendulkar In T20 International?

Despite being a maestro in the longer formats of the game, Tendulkar featured in only one T20 International match.

The match in question took place during India’s tour of South Africa in 2006, where Tendulkar faced the challenge of adapting his classical batting style to the demands of T20 cricket. 

Despite the brevity of his T20 International career, Tendulkar managed to contribute with the bat, scoring 10 runs in the match.

How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In T20 International?

How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In T20 International?

Virat Kohli has left an indelible mark on the cricketing world across formats, including the fast-paced realm of T20 cricket. Virat Kohli has scored one century in T20 international.

In the exhilarating and condensed format, where every ball counts, Kohli’s prowess with the bat has translated into memorable performances, culminating in a notable century.

His ability to navigate pressure situations, chase down targets, and set imposing totals has made him a linchpin in the T20I lineup.

Virat Kohli’s IPL Century Quest: How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In IPL?

How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In IPL?

Virat Kohli has been a consistent force in the Indian Premier League (IPL), showcasing his batting prowess in the high-octane T20 extravaganza. 

Across numerous seasons and under the banner of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kohli’s journey in the IPL has been marked by remarkable performances, including the notable achievement of 7 centuries in 229 innings.

In the frenetic world of T20 cricket, where boundaries flow freely and bowlers are under constant pressure, Kohli’s ability to construct innings and accumulate centuries is a testament to his class and adaptability.

Kohli’s proficiency in accumulating centuries has not only established him as one of the premier batsmen in the IPL but has also contributed significantly to Royal Challengers Bangalore’s campaigns. 

His ability to anchor the innings or accelerate as needed showcases a batting acumen that transcends the traditional boundaries of the game.

Whether playing on spin-friendly pitches or against express pace, Kohli’s centuries have come under diverse conditions, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and world-class batsman.

As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await each IPL season, the prospect of witnessing Virat Kohli add to his century tally adds an extra layer of excitement to the tournament. 

Beyond the statistics, Kohli’s centuries in the IPL are moments etched in the memories of fans, contributing to the rich tapestry of cricketing brilliance in the shortest format of the game.

Century Kings: Virat Kohli vs Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Comparison In All Format

Virat Kohli vs Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Comparison In All Format

Virat Kohli Vs Sachin Tendulkar Who Is Best?

Comparing eras is a tricky proposition. Tendulkar faced bowling attacks with fewer technological advancements and faced the likes of Glenn McGrath, Wasim Akram, and Curtly Ambrose in their prime. 

Kohli, while playing against some of the greats like Dale Steyn and Mitchell Starc, has encountered evolving tactics and the rise of T20 cricket, demanding greater flexibility and adaptability.

Both players have thrived in their respective eras, showcasing their ability to conquer the challenges of their times. 

To declare one definitively “greater” would be an exercise in futility. Instead, appreciating their unique contributions and reveling in the memories they have etched in cricketing folklore is the true reward for fans.

The Road Ahead: Chasing Legacies and Forging New Paths

Virat Kohli, still in the prime of his career, has the potential to bridge the gap with Tendulkar’s century tally. His hunger for runs and unwavering dedication suggests that the records might just tumble in the years to come. 

However, his legacy will likely be defined by his own brand of cricketing excellence, not just statistics chasing.

The cricketing world eagerly awaits the next chapters in these batting legends’ sagas. Whether Kohli surpasses Tendulkar’s century count or carves his own path to greatness, one thing is certain – their centuries will continue to inspire generations of aspiring cricketers and ignite the passion for the sport in millions of hearts.

In Conclusion:

The comparison between Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar’s centuries is not about crowning a single champion. It is a celebration of two extraordinary talents who have enriched the game with their brilliance and unique styles.

Each century, a testament to their skill, grit, and unwavering passion for cricket, deserves to be cherished and admired. As fans, we are fortunate to have witnessed their magic unfold, and can only wait with bated breath for the next chapter in their cricketing journeys.


Q: How Many Centuries of Virat Kohli In T20?

A: Virat Kohli has played 374 T20 matches and scored 8 centuries. It shows how good he is at playing in the quick and exciting T20 format.

Kohli’s centuries are special because not many players can do that in T20 cricket. He uses a mix of classic shots and clever moves to make runs and make people enjoy watching him play.

As he continues to play more T20 matches, he keeps showing everyone how great he is at this fast-paced style of cricket.

Q: Who has more centuries Virat Kohli or Sachin Tendulkar?

A: Sachin Tendulkar has more centuries than Virat Kohli. Tendulkar has a staggering 100 international centuries, while Kohli has 80.

Q: Who is Goat Sachin or Virat Kohli?

A: It’s subjective, but both are considered among the greatest. Sachin Tendulkar is often referred to as the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) by many cricket fans.

Q: Does Sachin have 100 centuries?

A: Yes, Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 international centuries during his cricket career.

Q: Can Virat Kohli Make 100 Centuries?

A: Virat Kohli has already made 80 centuries and is still young and could potentially catch up to Tendulkar’s record of 100 centuries one day, for now, Tendulkar remains the undisputed king of centuries.

Q: How many centuries of Virat Kohli in 2023?

A: In 2023, Virat Kohli played 34 matches and he scored 8 centuries in all formats.

Q: Can Kohli break Sachin record?

A: Virat Kohli has broken several records held by Sachin Tendulkar including most centuries in ODI cricket, but whether he can break Sachin’s overall records is uncertain.

Q: What records Kohli broke of Sachin?

A: Virat Kohli has broken various records of Sachin Tendulkar. Recently, Kohli scored a century no. 50 in ODI cricket and broke Sachin’s record of 49 ODI centuries.

Q: How Many International Centuries of Virat Kohli?

A: Virat Kohli has scored 80 international centuries across all formats of cricket (Test, One Day Internationals, and T20 Internationals).

Kohli’s ability to consistently convert starts into centuries has established him as one of the preeminent batsmen in the cricketing world.

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