Most Sixes in IPL

Most Sixes in IPL

Explosive batting is a major part of what makes the IPL so exciting, and that excitement often comes in the form of massive sixes that sail high over the boundary ropes. 

When it comes to big hitting in the IPL, one name stands out above all others: Chris Gayle. Gayle is the king of sixes in the IPL. He holds the record for most sixes in IPL. 

The sheer number of sixes Gayle has hit is truly staggering. He has smashed an incredible 357 sixes in just 142 matches and 141 innings.

While Chris Gayle may be the king, many other batsmen have made a name for themselves as prolific six-hitters in the IPL

Players like Rohit Sharma, AB de Villiers, MS Dhoni, Kieron Pollard, and Virat Kohli are just a few names that can hit a six with ease and strike fear in bowlers’ hearts.

Top 10 Batsmen with the Most Sixes in IPL History

Sr. No.PlayerSpanMatInn6s
1Chris Gayle (KKR/KXIP/PBKS/RCB)2009-2021142141357
2Rohit Sharma (DC/MI)2008-2023243238257
3AB de Villiers (DC/RCB)2008-2021184170251
4MS Dhoni (CSK/RPS)2008-2023250218239
5Virat Kohli (RCB)2008-2023237229234
6David Warner (DC/SRH)2009-2023176176226
7Kieron Pollard (MI)2010-2022189171223
8Suresh Raina (CSK/GL)2008-2021205200203
9Andre Russell (DC/KKR)2012-202311296193
10Shane Watson (CSK/RCB/RR)2008-2020145141190

Here is a detailed overview of the top 10 batsmen with the most sixes in IPL:

10. Shane Watson (CSK/RCB/RR)

Shane Watson sixes in ipl

Shane Watson, the former Australian all-rounder, has been a valuable asset for various IPL teams, including Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Rajasthan Royals. 

With 190 sixes in 145 matches, Watson’s ability to provide quick starts at the top of the order and finish games with his big-hitting has been crucial for his team’s success.

9. Andre Russell (DC/KKR)

Andre Russell, the power-hitting all-rounder from Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders, is known for his ability to clear the boundary at will.

He has hit 193 sixes in the IPL in 112 matches. Russell’s explosive batting in the middle and lower order has been a game-changer for his team.

8. Suresh Raina (CSK/GL)

Suresh Raina, known for his stylish strokeplay, has been a consistent performer in the IPL. Representing Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Lions, Raina has entertained fans with his ability to find the gaps and hit sixes at crucial moments. 

Rain has 203 sixes in IPL. Raina’s contribution to his team’s success cannot be understated.

7. Kieron Pollard (MI)

Kieron Pollard, the hard-hitting all-rounder from Mumbai Indians, is known for his ability to clear the boundary with ease. With 223 sixes in 189 matches, 

Pollard’s ability to turn the game around single-handedly has been instrumental in Mumbai Indians’ success.

6. David Warner (DC/SRH)

David Warner sixes in ipl
Hyderabad: Sunrisers Hyderabad’s David Warner celebrates his century during the 11th IPL 2019 match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on March 31, 2019. (Photo: IANS)

David Warner, the former captain of Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad, is known for his explosive batting at the top of the order. 

Warner has hit 226 sixes in 176 matches, Warner’s aggressive approach and ability to take on bowlers from the outset make him a valuable asset for his team.

5. Virat Kohli (RCB)

Virat Kohli sixes in ipl

Virat Kohli, the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, is known for his consistency and ability to chase down big targets. 

With 234 sixes in 237 matches and 229 innings, Kohli’s aggressive batting style and ability to find gaps in the field have made him a successful batsman in the IPL.

4. MS Dhoni (CSK/RPS)

MS Dhoni sixex in ipl

MS Dhoni, the former captain of the Chennai Super Kings and Rising Pune Supergiants, is known for his finishing prowess. 

Dhoni’s ability to hit sixes under pressure has been a hallmark of his career. Dhoni hit 239 sixes in 250 matches, Dhoni’s ability to read the game and manipulate the field has made him a dangerous batsman in the IPL.

3. AB de Villiers (DC/RCB)

AB de Villiers in ipl

AB de Villiers, often referred to as Mr. 360 for his ability to hit the ball all around the ground, has been a fan favorite in the IPL. 

Representing Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore, de Villiers has entertained fans with his innovative strokeplay. 

AB de Villiers has 251 sixes in 184 matches, de Villiers’ ability to clear the boundary at will has made him a feared batsman in the IPL.

2. Rohit Sharma (DC/MI)

Rohit Sharma sixes in ipl

Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Mumbai Indians, is another batsman known for his six-hitting prowess. With 257 sixes in 243 matches, Sharma has been a key figure in Mumbai Indians’ success over the years. 

His elegant strokeplay and ability to accelerate the scoring rate make him a valuable asset for his team.

1. Chris Gayle (KKR/KXIP/PBKS/RCB)

Chris Gayle sixex in ipl

Chris Gayle has been a dominant force in the IPL since its inception. Representing various teams like Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab, Punjab Kings, and Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gayle has entertained fans with his explosive batting. 

With a staggering 357 sixes in just 142 matches and 141 innings, Gayle holds the record for the most sixes in IPL history. His ability to clear the boundary with ease and his intimidating presence make him a feared batsman in the league.

List of the Top 50 Batsmen with the Highest Sixes in IPL

Here is a list of the top 50 batsmen with the highest sixes in IPL history:

Sr. No.PlayerSpanMatInn6s
1Chris Gayle (KKR/KXIP/PBKS/RCB)2009-2021142141357
2Rohit Sharma (DC/MI)2008-2023243238257
3AB de Villiers (DC/RCB)2008-2021184170251
4MS Dhoni (CSK/RPS)2008-2023250218239
5Virat Kohli (RCB)2008-2023237229234
6David Warner (DC/SRH)2009-2023176176226
7Kieron Pollard (MI)2010-2022189171223
8Suresh Raina (CSK/GL)2008-2021205200203
9Andre Russell (DC/KKR)2012-202311296193
10Shane Watson (CSK/RCB/RR)2008-2020145141190
11SV Samson (DC/RR)2013-2023152148182
12RV Uthappa (CSK/KKR/MI/PWI/RCB/RR)2008-2022205197182
13AT Rayudu (CSK/MI)2010-2023204187173
14KL Rahul (KXIP/LSG/PBKS/RCB/SRH)2013-2023118109168
15GJ Maxwell (DC/KXIP/MI/RCB)2012-2023124120158
16YK Pathan (KKR/RR/SRH)2008-2019174154158
17JC Buttler (MI/RR)2016-20239695149
18Yuvraj Singh (DC/KXIP/MI/PWI/RCB/SRH)2008-2019132126149
19S Dhawan (DC/MI/PBKS/SRH)2008-2023217216148
20F du Plessis (CSK/RCB/RPS)2012-2023130123145
21KD Karthik (DC/GL/KKR/KXIP/MI/RCB)2008-2023242221139
22N Rana (KKR/MI)2016-202310599131
23BB McCullum (CSK/GL/KKR/Kochi/RCB)2008-2018109109130
24RR Pant (DC)2016-20229897129
25DA Miller (GT/KXIP/RR)2012-2023121115126
26HH Pandya (GT/MI)2015-2023123115125
27DR Smith (CSK/DC/GL/MI)2008-20179189117
28Q de Kock (DC/LSG/MI/RCB/SRH)2013-20239696114
29SA Yadav (KKR/MI)2012-2023139124112
30MK Pandey (DC/KKR/LSG/MI/PWI/RCB/SRH)2008-2023170158108
31V Sehwag (DC/KXIP)2008-2015104104106
32Ishan Kishan (GL/MI)2016-20239185103
33SS Iyer (DC/KKR)2015-202210110199
34RA Jadeja (CSK/GL/Kochi/RR)2008-202322617399
35MA Agarwal (DC/KXIP/PBKS/RCB/RPS/SRH)2011-202312311797
36AM Rahane (CSK/DC/KKR/MI/RPS/RR)2008-202317215996
37AC Gilchrist (DC/KXIP)2008-2013808092
38N Pooran (KXIP/LSG/PBKS/SRH)2019-2023625991
39M Vijay (CSK/DC/KXIP)2009-202010610691
40WP Saha (CSK/GT/KKR/KXIP/SRH)2008-202316113684
41Shubman Gill (GT/KKR)2018-2023918880
42JP Duminy (DC/MI)2009-2018837779
43NV Ojha (DC/RR/SRH)2009-20181139479
44SE Marsh (KXIP)2008-2017716978
45RA Tripathi (KKR/RPS/RR/SRH)2017-2023898778
46AJ Finch (DC/GL/KKR/KXIP/MI/PWI/RCB/RR/SRH)2010-2022929078
47SO Hetmyer (DC/RCB/RR)2019-2023605775
48MP Stoinis (DC/KXIP/LSG/RCB)2016-2023827475
49S Dube (CSK/RCB/RR)2019-2023514773
50RD Gaikwad (CSK)2020-2023525173

Most Sixes in IPL 2023

Sr. No.PlayerSpanMatInns6s
1F du Plessis (RCB)2023-2023141436
2S Dube (CSK)2023-2023161435
3Shubman Gill (GT)2023-2023171733
4GJ Maxwell (RCB)2023-2023141431
5RD Gaikwad (CSK)2023-2023161530
6RK Singh (KKR)2023-2023141429
7SA Yadav (MI)2023-2023161628
8MP Stoinis (LSG)2023-2023151527
9YBK Jaiswal (RR)2023-2023141426
10N Pooran (LSG)2023-2023151526
11H Klaasen (SRH)2023-2023121125
12SV Samson (RR)2023-2023141424
13NT Tilak Varma (MI)2023-2023111123
14SO Hetmyer (RR)2023-2023141323
15KR Mayers (LSG)2023-2023131322
16C Green (MI)2023-2023161622
17VR Iyer (KKR)2023-2023141421
18JM Sharma (PBKS)2023-2023141421
19N Rana (KKR)2023-2023141420
20LS Livingstone (PBKS)2023-20239919

Most Sixes in IPL by team (2008-2023)

Sr.Team Matches6s
1Mumbai Indians2481548
2Royal Challengers Bangalore2271484
3Chennai Super Kings2261401
4Punjab Kings2321393
5Kolkata Knight Riders2231351
6Delhi Capitals2251213
7Rajasthan Royals2081123
8Sunrisers Hyderabad153860
9Lucknow Super Joints31230
10Gujarat Titans33203

Most Sixes in IPL by Team 2023

Sr. No.TeamMatches6s
1Mumbai Indians16140
2Chennai Super Kings16133
3Kolkata Knight Riders14125
4Gujarat Titans17124
5Punjab Kings14117
6Lucknow Super Giants15115
7Rajasthan Royals14112
8Royal Challengers Bangalore14107
9Sunrisers Hyderabad1484
10Delhi Capitals1467

Most Sixes in IPL Match by Both Teams

Sr. No.Team6sVsYear
1Royal Challengers Bangalore33Chennai Super Kings2018
2Rajasthan Royals33Chennai Super Kings2020
3Royal Challengers Bangalore33Chennai Super Kings2023
4Delhi Daredevils31Gujarat Lions2017
5Chennai Super Kings31Kolkata Knight Riders2018
6Kings XI Punjab31Kolkata Knight Riders2018
7Chennai Super Kings30Rajasthan Royals2010
8Mumbai Indians30Chennai Super Kings2021
9Kolkata Knight Riders29Mumbai Indians2019
10Rajasthan Royals29Kings Xi Punjab2020
11Delhi Capitals28Kolkata Knight Riders2020

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