Highest 1st Wicket Partnership in Test

Highest 1st Wicket Partnership in Test

The 1st wicket partnership in test is vital in setting the momentum, providing stability, and influencing the overall strategy of the team. 

A strong start can demoralize the opposition and create a platform for middle-order batsmen.

Record-breaking opening stands, such as the highest 1st wicket partnership in test, showcase the dominance and resilience of openers in challenging conditions.

From facing top-quality bowlers to dealing with unpredictable pitch conditions and the pressures of record-breaking expectations, opening batsmen must navigate a host of difficulties. 

Yet, it is these very challenges that make breaking records in Test cricket all the more special and celebrated when accomplished.

Highest 1st Wicket Partnership in Test | Top 10

Here is a detailed overview of the top 10 highest opening partnerships in test cricket.

10. Marvan Atapattu, Sanath Jayasuriya – 335 runs (Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, Kandy, 28-June-2000)

Sri Lanka’s Marvan Atapattu and Sanath Jayasuriya made a remarkable partnership of 335 runs against Pakistan in Kandy on June 28, 2000. 

This partnership was a blend of Jayasuriya’s aggressive batting and Atapattu’s classical style. 

The duo’s resilience against a formidable Pakistan bowling attack marked a significant moment in Sri Lanka’s cricketing journey, setting the stage for future successes. due to rain, the Test match in Kandy ended in a draw.

9. Kraigg Brathwaite, Tagenarine Chanderpaul – 336 runs (West Indies vs Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, 04-Feb-2023)

Kraigg Brathwaite, Tagenarine Chanderpaul - 336 runs (West Indies vs Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, 04-Feb-2023)

In a more recent entry to the list, West Indies’ Kraigg Brathwaite and Tagenarine Chanderpaul formed a partnership of 336 runs against Zimbabwe in Bulawayo on February 4, 2023. 

The Test match ended in a draw. West Indies, with Brathwaite and Chanderpaul’s monumental partnership, posted a total of 447/6 declared and 203/5d.

 Zimbabwe responded with 379/9d and 134/6, and the match concluded without a clear result.

8. Graeme Smith, Herschelle Gibbs – 338 runs (South Africa vs England, Birmingham, 24-July-2003)

Graeme Smith, Herschelle Gibbs - 338 runs (South Africa vs England, Birmingham, 24-July-2003)

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South Africa’s Graeme Smith and Herschelle Gibbs made another appearance in the record books on July 24, 2003, in Birmingham, scoring 338 runs against England. 

This partnership showcased the consistency and adaptability of the South African openers.

Smith’s captaincy prowess and Gibbs’ aggressive style combined to form a partnership that not only provided a solid foundation in that Test match but also demonstrated the duo’s ability to perform against quality opposition on foreign soil.

The Test match in Birmingham ended in a draw. South Africa, thanks to another significant partnership between Smith and Gibbs, declared at 594/5. 

In response, England managed 557/8, and the match concluded without a decisive outcome.

7. Len Hutton, Cyril Washbrook – 359 runs (England vs South Africa, Johannesburg, 27-Dec-1948)

Len Hutton and Cyril Washbrook, two stalwarts of English cricket, showcased their class on December 27, 1948, in Johannesburg against South Africa. 

Accumulating 359 runs, this partnership was a testament to the resilience and skill of English batsmen in challenging conditions. 

Hutton’s meticulous technique and Washbrook’s elegant strokeplay mesmerized cricket enthusiasts, establishing a benchmark for opening partnerships in Test cricket during that era.

The Test match resulted in a draw. England, batting first, declared at 608, led by the monumental partnership between Hutton and Washbrook. 

South Africa replied with 450/7, and the match concluded without a winner.

6. Graeme Smith, Herschelle Gibbs – 368 runs (South Africa vs Pakistan, Cape Town, 02-Jan-2003)

South African cricket fans had reason to celebrate on January 2, 2003, as Graeme Smith and Herschelle Gibbs combined to produce a formidable partnership of 368 runs against Pakistan in Cape Town. 

The duo’s aggressive approach put immense pressure on the opposition bowlers. Smith’s leadership qualities and Gibbs’ flair made this partnership a spectacle. 

Beyond the individual milestones, this partnership set the tone for South Africa’s dominance in the Test match.

South Africa, due to the record-breaking partnership between Smith and Gibbs, declared at 620/7 and won the match by an innings and 142 runs.

Pakistan responded with 483/9. Despite both teams scoring heavily, time constraints prevented a conclusive result.

5. Bill Lawry, Bob Simpson – 382 runs (Australia vs West Indies, Bridgetown, 05-May-1965)

Australia’s opening pair, Bill Lawry and Bob Simpson, created history on May 5, 1965, in Bridgetown, accumulating 382 runs against the West Indies. 

The partnership exemplified the disciplined and methodical approach that Australian batsmen were renowned for. 

Lawry’s resilience and Simpson’s technical prowess were on full display, providing a blueprint for opening partnerships in Test cricket. 

This innings not only contributed significantly to the match but also left an enduring legacy in Australian cricket. The Test match resulted in a draw.

4. Glenn Turner, Terry Jarvis – 387 runs (New Zealand vs West Indies, Georgetown, 06-Apr-1972)

New Zealand’s Glenn Turner and Terry Jarvis crafted a memorable partnership of 387 runs against the West Indies in Georgetown on April 6, 1972. 

This partnership was a display of classical batting technique and temperament. Turner, known for his elegance, and Jarvis, with his solid defense, complemented each other perfectly. 

Their partnership not only defied the West Indies’ formidable bowling attack but also showcased the ability of New Zealand batsmen to excel on the international stage. The Test match in Georgetown ended in a draw.

3. Virender Sehwag, Rahul Dravid – 410 runs (India vs Pakistan, Lahore, 13-Jan-2006)

Virender Sehwag, Rahul Dravid - 410 runs (India vs Pakistan, Lahore, 13-Jan-2006)

The cricketing world witnessed fireworks in Lahore on January 13, 2006, as Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid combined forces to create a partnership for the ages. 

Scoring 410 runs against Pakistan, Sehwag’s flamboyance and Dravid’s solidity formed a perfect blend. 

Sehwag’s aggressive strokeplay and Dravid’s steadfast defense complemented each other, showcasing the diversity within India’s batting lineup. 

This partnership not only reflected the team’s resilience but also demonstrated the adaptability of the Indian batsmen across different playing conditions.

The Test match in Lahore concluded in a draw. Pakistan posted a mammoth first-innings total of 679/7 declared, and in reply, India scored 410/1 with Sehwag and Dravid leading the charge. The teams didn’t have sufficient time to force a result in the match.

2. Vinoo Mankad, Pankaj Roy – 413 runs (India vs New Zealand, Chennai, 06-Jan-1956)

In a Test match against New Zealand in Chennai on January 6, 1956, India’s Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy produced a batting masterclass, forming a partnership worth 413 runs. 

The innings was a testament to the classical style of batting, with both players displaying impeccable technique and concentration. 

Mankad and Roy’s partnership not only laid the foundation for India’s success in that particular match but also became a symbol of batting excellence, setting a high standard for generations to come.

India, batting first, amassed 537/3 declared, with Mankad and Roy’s partnership being the cornerstone. 

In reply, New Zealand scored 209 and 219 and India won the match by an innings and 109 runs.

1. Neil McKenzie, Graeme Smith – 415 runs (South Africa vs Bangladesh, Chattogram, 29-Feb-2008)

Neil McKenzie, Graeme Smith - 415 runs (South Africa vs Bangladesh, Chattogram, 29-Feb-2008)

On February 29, 2008, in Chattogram, South Africa’s opening pair, Neil McKenzie and Graeme Smith, etched their names into cricketing history by setting the record for the highest 1st wicket partnership in Test cricket. 

Against Bangladesh, the duo batted with remarkable tenacity, accumulating a staggering 415 runs. 

Their partnership not only showcased individual brilliance but also highlighted the synergy and understanding between the two batsmen. 

Both McKenzie and Smith exhibited a mix of aggression and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape.

South Africa, propelled by the historic partnership between Neil McKenzie and Graeme Smith, posted a colossal first-innings total of 583/7 declared. 

Bangladesh responded with 259 in their first innings and 119 runs in the second innings. South Africa won the match easily by an innings and 205 runs.

List of the Highest 1st Wicket Partnerships In Test Cricket History

Sr. No.PartnersRunsTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
1Neil McKenzie, Graeme Smith415South Africav BangladeshChattogram29-Feb-08
2Vinoo Mankad, Pankaj Roy413Indiav New ZealandChennai6-Jan-56
3Virender Sehwag, Rahul Dravid410Indiav PakistanLahore13-Jan-06
4Glenn Turner, Terry Jarvis387New Zealandv West IndiesGeorgetown6-Apr-72
5Bill Lawry, Bob Simpson382Australiav West IndiesBridgetown5-May-65
6Graeme Smith, Herschelle368South Africav PakistanCape Town2-Jan-03
7Len Hutton, Cyril Washbrook359Englandv South AfricaJohannesburg27-Dec-48
8Graeme Smith, Herschelle338South Africav EnglandBirmingham24-Jul-03
9Kraigg Brathwaite, Tagenarine Chanderpaul336West Indiesv ZimbabweBulawayo4-Feb-23
10Marvan Atapattu, Sanath Jayasuriya335Sri Lankav PakistanKandy28-Jun-00
11GR Marsh, MA Taylor329Australiav EnglandNottingham10-Aug-89
12JB Hobbs, W Rhodes323Englandv AustraliaMelbourne9-Feb-12
13Mayank Agarwal, Rohi Sharma317Indiav South AfricaVisakhapatnam2-Oct-19
14Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes312Bangladeshv PakistanKhulna28-Apr-15
15Graeme Smith, Herschelle301South Africav West IndiesCenturion16-Jan-04
16CG Greenidge, DL Haynes298West Indiesv EnglandSt John's12-Apr-90
17Aamer Sohail, Ijaz Ahmed298Pakistanv West IndiesKarachi6-Dec-97
18CG Greenidge, DL Haynes296West Indiesv IndiaSt John's28-Apr-83
19G Pullar, MC Cowdrey290Englandv South AfricaThe Oval18-Aug-60
20Murali Vijay, Shikhar Dhawan289Indiav AustraliaMohali14-Mar-13
21JB Hobbs, H Sutcliffe283Englandv AustraliaMelbourne1-Jan-25
22Murali Vijay, Shikhar Dhawan283Indiav BangladeshFatullah10-Jun-15
23MS Atapattu, ST Jayasuriya281Sri Lankav ZimbabweHarare6-May-04
24Shan Masood, Abid Ali278Pakistanv Sri LankaKarachi19-Dec-19
25CS Dempster, JE Mills276New Zealandv EnglandWellington24-Jan-30
26AFG Griffith, SL Campbell276West Indiesv New ZealandHamilton16-Dec-99
27ME Trescothick, AJ Strauss273Englandv South AfricaDurban26-Dec-04
28MJ Slater, GS Blewett269Australiav PakistanBrisbane5-Nov-99
29JB Hobbs, H Sutcliffe268Englandv South AfricaLord's28-Jun-24
30B Mitchell, IJ Siedle260South Africav EnglandCape Town1-Jan-31
31MA Taylor, MJ Slater260Australiav EnglandLord's17-Jun-93
32HH Gibbs, G Kirsten256South Africav ZimbabweHarare7-Sep-01
33JL Langer, ML Hayden255Australiav Sri LankaCairns9-Jul-04
34CH Gayle, KOA Powell254West Indiesv New ZealandNorth Sound25-Jul-12
35JA Raval, TWM Latham254New Zealandv BangladeshHamilton28-Feb-19
36Abdullah Shafique, Imam-ul-Haq252*Pakistanv AustraliaRawalpindi4-Mar-22
37CG Greenidge, DL Haynes250*West Indiesv AustraliaGeorgetown2-Mar-84
38Khalid Ibadulla, Abdul Kadir249Pakistanv AustraliaKarachi24-Oct-64
39AB de Villiers, GC Smith245South Africav West IndiesSt John's29-Apr-05
40RB Simpson, WM Lawry244Australiav EnglandAdelaide28-Jan-66
41D Elgar, AK Markram243South Africav BangladeshBloemfontein6-Oct-17
42JL Langer, ML Hayden242Australiav West IndiesSt John's9-May-03
43AF Rae, JB Stollmeyer239West Indiesv IndiaChennai27-Jan-49
44JA Burns, DA Warner237Australiav New ZealandBrisbane5-Nov-15
45AC Hudson, G Kirsten236South Africav IndiaEden Gardens27-Nov-96
46G Boycott, RW Barber234Englandv AustraliaSydney7-Jan-66
47WA Brown, JHW Fingleton233Australiav South AfricaCape Town1-Jan-36
48G Gambhir, V Sehwag233Indiav Sri LankaKanpur24-Nov-09
49Z Crawley, BM Duckett233Englandv PakistanRawalpindi1-Dec-22
50MH Richardson, L Vincent231New Zealandv IndiaMohali16-Oct-03
51ML Hayden, MEK Hussey231Australiav West IndiesHobart17-Nov-05
52AN Cook, NRD Compton231Englandv New ZealandDunedin6-Mar-13
53AJ Strauss, AN Cook229Englandv West IndiesBridgetown26-Feb-09
54YBK Jaiswal, RG Sharma229Indiav West IndiesRoseau12-Jul-23
55MJ Slater, MA Taylor228Australiav Sri LankaPerth8-Dec-95
56KNM Fernando, FDM Karunaratne228Sri Lankav IrelandGalle24-Apr-23
57CG Greenidge, DL Haynes225West Indiesv New ZealandChristchurch22-Feb-80
58GA Gooch, MA Atherton225Englandv IndiaManchester9-Aug-90
59Abdullah Shafique, Imam-ul-Haq225Pakistanv EnglandRawalpindi1-Dec-22
60JL Langer, ML Hayden224Australiav New ZealandBrisbane8-Nov-01
61Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes224Bangladeshv ZimbabweChattogram12-Nov-14
62G Fowler, CJ Tavare223Englandv New ZealandThe Oval14-Jul-83
63BC Broad, CWJ Athey223Englandv AustraliaPerth28-Nov-86
64JL Langer, ML Hayden223Australiav New ZealandHobart22-Nov-01
65PA Jaques, SM Katich223Australiav West IndiesBridgetown12-Jun-08
66DA Warner, JA Burns222Australiav PakistanBrisbane21-Nov-19
67JB Hobbs, W Rhodes221Englandv South AfricaCape Town11-Mar-10
68M Vijay, V Sehwag221Indiav Sri LankaBrabourne2-Dec-09
69CJ Barnett, L Hutton219Englandv AustraliaNottingham10-Jun-38
70WM Lawry, IR Redpath219Australiav South AfricaMelbourne1-Jan-64
71Mohammad Wasim, Imran Nazir219Pakistanv West IndiesBridgetown18-May-00
72JL Langer, ML Hayden219Australiav South AfricaSydney2-Jan-02
73V Sehwag, G Gambhir218Indiav South AfricaKanpur20-Nov-04
74DC Boon, GR Marsh217Australiav IndiaSydney2-Jan-86
75GC Smith, AB de Villiers217South Africav ZimbabweCape Town4-Mar-05
76Sami Aslam, Azhar Ali215Pakistanv West IndiesDubai (DSC)13-Oct-16
77AR Morris, J Moroney214Australiav South AfricaJohannesburg10-Feb-50
78CM Spearman, RG Twose214New Zealandv ZimbabweAuckland20-Jan-96
79D Ganga, CH Gayle214West Indiesv ZimbabweBulawayo19-Jul-01
80EJM Cowan, DA Warner214Australiav IndiaPerth13-Jan-12
81SM Gavaskar, CPS Chauhan213Indiav EnglandThe Oval30-Aug-79
82W Jaffer, V Sehwag213Indiav South AfricaChennai26-Mar-08
83RT Simpson, C Washbrook212Englandv West IndiesNottingham20-Jul-50
84G Boycott, DL Amiss209Englandv West IndiesPort of Spain2-Feb-74
85FDM Karunaratne, HDRL Thirimanne209Sri Lankav BangladeshPallekele29-Apr-21
86MA Taylor, MJ Slater208Australiav EnglandSydney1-Jan-95
87NT Paranavitana, TM Dilshan207Sri Lankav EnglandLord's3-Jun-11
88RC Fredericks, LG Rowe206West Indiesv EnglandKingston16-Feb-74
89Imam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Hafeez205Pakistanv AustraliaDubai (DSC)7-Oct-18
90GA Gooch, MA Atherton204Englandv IndiaLord's26-Jul-90
91GC Smith, ND McKenzie204South Africav EnglandLord's10-Jul-08
92VM Merchant, S Mushtaq Ali203Indiav EnglandManchester25-Jul-36
93GA Gooch, MA Atherton203Englandv AustraliaAdelaide25-Jan-91
94JL Langer, ML Hayden202Australiav South AfricaMelbourne26-Dec-01
95WM Lawry, RB Simpson201Australiav EnglandManchester23-Jul-64
96SB Bangar, V Sehwag201Indiav West IndiesWankhede9-Oct-02
97SM Gavaskar, K Srikkanth200Indiav PakistanChennai3-Feb-87
98CJL Rogers, DA Warner200Australiav IndiaSydney6-Jan-15

Data Source: ESPN Cricinfo

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