Highest 10th Wicket Partnership in Test Cricket

Highest 10th Wicket Partnership in Test Cricket

The highest 10th wicket partnership in Test cricket refers to the highest number of runs scored by the batting pair occupying the 10th position in the batting order. 

This partnership is significant as it showcases the resilience and determination of the lower-order batsmen to contribute to the team’s total. 

It is a testament to their skill and ability to withstand the pressure of the opposition’s bowling attack. 

The record for the highest 10th wicket partnership in Test cricket is a remarkable achievement that highlights the importance of every player’s contribution in a team sport like cricket.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 highest 10th wicket partnerships in test cricket.

Highest 10th Wicket Partnership in Test Cricket | Top 10

Here is a detailed overview of the top 10 highest 10th wicket partnerships in test cricket:

10- James Taylor, Arthur Mailey – 127 (Australia vs England, Sydney, 19-Dec-24):

The remarkable partnership of James Taylor and Arthur Mailey in December 1924 stands as a testament to the formative years of Test cricket. 

Their impressive score of 127 runs against England at the Sydney Cricket Ground exemplified the determination and expertise required during a time when cricket was still shaping its contemporary essence.

Australia scored 452 in the second innings with Taylor and Mailey’s contribution. England responded with 411 and Australia won the match by 193 runs.

9- Ken Higgs, John Snow – 128 (England vs West Indies, The Oval, 18-Aug-66):

In August 1966, The Oval witnessed a remarkable display of resilience from England’s Ken Higgs and John Snow. 

Together, they formed an unyielding partnership of 128 runs against the formidable West Indies bowling attack. 

This stand epitomized the team’s unwavering determination to withstand the challenges thrown at them.

England, boosted by Higgs and Snow’s partnership, posted a total of 527. West Indies replied with 268 and 225, and England won the match by an innings and 34 runs.

8- RE Foster, Wilfred Rhodes – 130 (England vs Australia, Sydney, 11-Dec-03):

In Sydney, Australia, during the early 20th century, RE Foster and Wilfred Rhodes joined forces to form a remarkable partnership of  130 runs.

This memorable moment showcased the timeless essence of Test cricket and the unwavering spirit of English cricket.

The historic partnership of Foster and Rhodes helped England reach a total of 577 in their first innings and scored 194/5 in their second innings.

Australia responded with 285 and 485, and England won the match by 5 wickets.

7- Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan – 133 (India vs Bangladesh, Dhaka, 10-Dec-04):

Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan - 133 (India vs Bangladesh, Dhaka, 10-Dec-04)

The historic partnership between Sachin Tendulkar and Zaheer Khan in Dhaka, in December 2004, added another layer to Tendulkar’s legendary career. 

Their 133 runs against Bangladesh not only showcased Tendulkar’s ability to adapt but also the surprising resilience of the 10th wicket.

Tendulkar and Zaheer Khan’s partnership took India to a total of 526. Bangladesh managed 184 and 202 in response, and the match ended with India winning by an innings and 140 runs.

6- Wasim Raja, Wasim Bari – 133 (Pakistan vs West Indies, Bridgetown, 18-Feb-77):

Bridgetown, February 1977, witnessed Pakistan’s Wasim Raja and Wasim Bari crafting a 133-run partnership against the West Indies. 

Their stand exemplified the skill and determination needed to counter the mighty West Indian bowling lineup.

Pakistan posted 435 in the first innings and 291 in the second innings with Raja and Bari’s contribution. West Indies replied with 421 and 251/9, and the match ended in a draw.

5- Denesh Ramdin, Tino Best – 143 (West Indies vs England, Birmingham, 07-Jun-12):

Denesh Ramdin, Tino Best - 143 (West Indies vs England, Birmingham, 07-Jun-12)

The Edgbaston Test in June 2012 witnessed West Indies’ Denesh Ramdin and Tino Best combining for a memorable 143-run partnership against England. 

Their resilience in the face of a formidable English attack not only salvaged the innings but also left an indelible mark on the cricketing archives.

West Indies, propelled by Ramdin and Best’s partnership, posted a total of 426. England, in reply, managed 221/5, and the ended in a draw.

4- Azhar Mahmood, Mushtaq Ahmed – 151 (Pakistan vs South Africa, Rawalpindi, 06-Oct-97):

The Rawalpindi encounter in October 1997 witnessed Azhar Mahmood and Mushtaq Ahmed scripting history with their 151-run partnership against South Africa. 

This unexpected alliance not only showcased the unpredictability of the game but also the depth in Pakistan’s lower order.

The partnership of Azhar Mahmood and Mushtaq Ahmed helped Pakistan reach 4556 in the first innings. South Africa responded strongly with 403, and the match ended in a draw.

3- Brian Hastings, Richard Collinge – 151 (New Zealand vs Pakistan, Auckland, 16-Feb-73):

New Zealand’s Brian Hastings and Richard Collinge joined forces in February 1973 to produce a resilient 151-run partnership against Pakistan. 

Their determined stand showcased the fighting spirit of the Kiwis and added a memorable chapter to Test cricket.

New Zealand scored 402 in the first innings with Hastings and Collinge’s 151-run partnership playing a pivotal role and declared their second innings at 92/3 Pakistan, in response, scored 402 and 271. The match ended in a draw.

2- Phillip Hughes, Ashton Agar – 163 (Australia vs England, Nottingham, 10-Jul-13):

Phillip Hughes, Ashton Agar - 163 (Australia vs England, Nottingham, 10-Jul-13)

The picturesque setting of Nottingham in July 2013 bore witness to a remarkable partnership between Phillip Hughes and Ashton Agar. 

Their 163 runs against England not only surprised cricket enthusiasts but also demonstrated the potential of the 10th wicket to not only resist but also to thrive.

The partnership of Phillip Hughes and Ashton Agar took Australia from a precarious position to a substantial total of 280 in their first innings. 

England, in reply, posted 215 and 375, and won the match by 14 runs.

1- Joe Root, James Anderson – 198 (England vs India, Nottingham, 09-Jul-14):

Joe Root, James Anderson - 198 (England vs India, Nottingham, 09-Jul-14)

In July 2014, Joe Root and James Anderson etched their names into cricket history with a monumental 198-run partnership against India. 

Root’s batting prowess combined with Anderson’s unexpected resilience not only saved England from a precarious position but also set a new record for the highest 10th wicket partnership.

The partnership between Joe Root and James Anderson at Nottingham in 2014 was instrumental in England’s recovery.

Their 198-run stand helped England post a competitive total of 496. In response, India managed 457, and the match ended in a draw.

List of the Highest 10th Wicket Partnerships in the History of Test Cricket

Sr. No.PartnersRunsTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
1Joe Root, James Anderson198Englandv IndiaNottingham9-Jul-14
2Phillip Hughes, Ashton Agar163Australiav EnglandNottingham10-Jul-13
3Brian Hastings, Richard Collinge151New Zealandv PakistanAuckland16-Feb-73
4Azhar Mahmood, Mushtaq Ahmed151Pakistanv South AfricaRawalpindi6-Oct-97
5Denesh Ramdin, Tino Best143West Indiesv EnglandBirmingham7-Jun-12
6Wasim Raja, Wasim Bari133Pakistanv West IndiesBridgetown18-Feb-77
7Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan133Indiav BangladeshDhaka10-Dec-04
8RE Foster, Wilfred Rhodes130Englandv AustraliaSydney11-Dec-03
9Ken Higgs, John Snow128Englandv West IndiesThe Oval18-Aug-66
10James Taylor, Arthur Mailey127Australiav EnglandSydney19-Dec-24
11BJ Watling, Trent Boult127New Zealandv BangladeshChattogram9-Oct-13
12JG Bracewell, SL Boock124New Zealandv AustraliaSydney22-Nov-85
13RA Duff, WW Armstrong120Australiav EnglandMelbourne1-Jan-02
14NJ Astle, CL Cairns118New Zealandv EnglandChristchurch13-Mar-02
15P Willey, RGD Willis117*Englandv West IndiesThe Oval24-Jul-80
16JN Gillespie, GD McGrath114Australiav New ZealandBrisbane18-Nov-04
17B Kumar, Mohammed Shami111Indiav EnglandNottingham9-Jul-14
18HR Adhikari, Ghulam Ahmed109Indiav PakistanDelhi16-Oct-52
19AB de Villiers, M Morkel107*South Africav PakistanAbu Dhabi20-Nov-10
20MEK Hussey, GD McGrath107Australiav South AfricaMelbourne26-Dec-05
21NJ Astle, DK Morrison106*New Zealandv EnglandAuckland24-Jan-97
22CL Hooper, CA Walsh106West Indiesv PakistanSt John's1-May-93
23Harbhajan Singh, S Sreesanth105Indiav New ZealandHyderabad12-Nov-10
24Zulfiqar Ahmed, Amir Elahi104Pakistanv IndiaChennai28-Nov-52
25MJ Henry, AY Patel104New Zealandv PakistanKarachi2-Jan-23
26HGO Owen-Smith, AJ Bell103South Africav EnglandLeeds13-Jul-29
27AJ Stewart, AR Caddick103Englandv AustraliaBirmingham5-Jul-01
28KA Maharaj, D Paterson99South Africav EnglandGqeberha16-Jan-20
29FMM Worrell, WW Hall98*West Indiesv IndiaPort of Spain4-Apr-62
30J Briggs, J Hunter98Englandv AustraliaMelbourne1 Jan 1885
31AK Davidson, GD McKenzie98Australiav EnglandManchester27-Jul-61
32A Flower, HK Olonga97*Zimbabwev IndiaDelhi18-Nov-00
33TG Hogan, RM Hogg97Australiav West IndiesGeorgetown2-Mar-84
34AC Voges, JR Hazlewood97Australiav West IndiesRoseau3-Jun-15
35PW Sherwell, AEE Vogler94South Africav EnglandCape Town30-Mar-06
36SM Gavaskar, NS Yadav94Indiav AustraliaAdelaide13-Dec-85
37TA Blundell, MJ Henry94New Zealandv South AfricaChristchurch17-Feb-22
38CAG Russell, AER Gilligan92Englandv South AfricaDurban16-Feb-23
39GP Thorpe, MJ Hoggard91Englandv Sri LankaBirmingham30-May-02
40Wasim Akram, Arshad Khan90Pakistanv Sri LankaColombo (SSC)14-Jun-00
41MJ Leach, S Mahmood90Englandv West IndiesSt George's24-Mar-22
42JP Crawley, ARC Fraser89Englandv Sri LankaThe Oval27-Aug-98
43Younis Khan, Rahat Ali88*Pakistanv ZimbabweHarare3-Sep-13
44WL Murdoch, WH Moule88Australiav EnglandThe Oval6 Sep 1880
45Asif Iqbal, Iqbal Qasim87Pakistanv AustraliaAdelaide24-Dec-76
46MA Starc, NM Lyon87Australiav South AfricaPerth30-Nov-12
47GH Dockrell, TJ Murtagh87Irelandv AfghanistanDehradun15-Mar-19
48SK Warne, SA Muller86Australiav PakistanBrisbane5-Nov-99
49TG Southee, CS Martin84New Zealandv EnglandNapier22-Mar-08
50R Illingworth, JA Snow83Englandv West IndiesLord's26-Jun-69
51VS Ransford, WJ Whitty82Australiav South AfricaMelbourne17-Feb-11
52SJ Benn, S Shillingford82West Indiesv New ZealandKingston8-Jun-14
53MA Wood, SCJ Broad82Englandv South AfricaJohannesburg24-Jan-20
54WH Lockwood, W Rhodes81*Englandv AustraliaBirmingham29-May-02
55Imran Khan, Tauseef Ahmed81*Pakistanv IndiaChennai3-Feb-87
56AE Trott, ST Callaway81Australiav EnglandAdelaide11 Jan 1895
57Sarfaraz Ahmed, Rahat Ali81Pakistanv New ZealandDubai (DSC)17-Nov-14
58M Watkinson, RK Illingworth80*Englandv West IndiesNottingham10-Aug-95
59TW Garrett, E Evans80Australiav EnglandSydney20 Feb 1885
60RG Sharma, Mohammed Shami80Indiav West IndiesWankhede14-Nov-13

Data Source: ESPN Cricinfo


Q: What is the longest partnership for 10th wicket partnership?

A: The longest 10th wicket partnership in Test cricket was between England’s Joe Root and James Anderson. They combined for a remarkable 198 runs against India at Nottingham on July 9, 2014.

Q: Who has the highest 10th wicket partnership in ODI history?

A: The highest 10th wicket partnership in One Day International (ODI) history is held by West Indies’ Viv Richards and Michael Holding. They set this record on May 31, 1984, against England in Manchester.

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